From Students

“I find that despite no longer going to the Studio of Engaging Math, I’m still using the concepts they taught me in advanced math classes. Going to the Studio has given me strong grades in all my classes, prepared me for an accelerated program in high school, and success in math competitions throughout middle and high school. The Studio was the only place where I truly enjoyed doing math. It showed me how to confront challenging problems with logic and reasoning, how to address and tackle hard and complicated math problems. Thank you, Katherine, Larisa and all the teachers for developing me as a student and as a person.”
– Nilos, high school student

“While the work is challenging and intense, nothing could have prepared me better for the advance mathematics track at Brookline High School. I can a credit my early success, which lead to later success (including perfect or near perfect scores on all exams my sophomore year) in that class to the Studio of Engaging Math. I cannot thank you enough for what you taught me.”

– George R. (Brookline High School student)

“My time at the Studio of Engaging math has helped me be the student I am now.
Before I went to the studio I was average at math and I didn’t have much interest in it. The classes that I received not only helped me become a great mathematician but it also helped show me how amazing math can be. Although it is a big time commitment I am forever grateful for the education I received.”

– Josephine

“Hi, my name is Yuliya Kiperberg. I am in third grade. I go to Larisa’s math school. I learn a lot at her class. It helps me a lot in school. When I didn’t go to her class, I didn’t like math because it was hard. But now I like math because it’s a lot easier for me to do. If your child comes here he or she will love it. I guarantee you will love it here too. You do get a lot of math homework, but you won’t care soon, because you won’t have problems in school with math. I really like coming to this math school.”

– Yuliya Kiperberg, 3rd grade

From Educators

“I am an elementary education teacher from Carlside, PA. I have lived for the past three years in Moscow, teaching preschool at the American Embassy where my four year-old son was enrolled. During our stay in Moscow, we had the pleasure to meet a very warm and talented teacher, Larisa Itina. She has worked privately with my son, teaching math and playing educational games. It was evident to me that each lesson was carefully sequentially planned to be fun, yet challenging. Larisa was always patient and sensitive to my son’s interests, frustration level, and moods. He always looked forward to “playing with Larisa” unaware that he was practicing hand-eye coordination, logical thinking, sequencing, size relationships, and numerical and geometrical concepts.

I have also observed Larisa teaching a lesson to a small group of six and seven years-olds. I was impressed by her teaching methods and understanding of young children.

I highly recommend Larisa and her studio to anyone!”

– Barbara McMullin, Carlside, PA (mother of 4 year-old son), June 1997

From Parents

“The Studio of Engaging Math has obviously increased our daughter’s interest and skill in arithmetic, geometry, algebra, and logic. The homework is fun and varied, including models to be built, pictures to be drawn, and games to be played, in addition to numerical and word problems. The aim of the course is practical, logical, mathematical thinking, taught in a manner that is kind and helpful.

The results are amazing: our third-grade daughter is now routinely solving problems of algebra and geometry that are typically taught at the junior high-school level, and with more common sense and ease than we could have imagined. This has been achieved easily and comfortably, and is due the direct result, we feel, of the imagination, efficiency, and caring manner of Larisa’s teaching method. Prior to enrolling our daughter in this program, we were worried about the meager mathematical preparation offered in the early grades of the public schools; we are now confident in our daughter’s preparation – and, perhaps more important – our daughter is confident in her own mathematical ability.

We wish such a studio had been available when we were our daughter’s age!”

– D.G. and M. K. (daughter in 3rd grade)

“There are many factors that contribute to the great success of the studio. Children love it because it is fun: they make a game out of the subject that otherwise could have been boring. Each class is built around multiple activities: it is a key for small children. Parents love it because they can see how their little one’s brain is working. They keep the class small for the young kids and have a teaching assistant even there. I think the great methodology, consistent quality and the charismatic personality of the teacher (Mrs. Itina) is what makes the studio so popular.”

– Tatyana Bardakh (mother of a 1st grader)

“The Studio is a wonderful opportunity to supplement your child’s math education. Larisa Itina has a wealth of materials for every level and methodically builds on your child’s knowledge and abilities with these materials. She will ensure a solid foundation in mental math for your child through many different exercises. She does a lot of spatial puzzles, and geometry which the kids do not get in school. Need some extra challenges for your child? Larisa has it all!”

– Mother of a 1st and 3rd grader

“Larisa Itina is a true professional. She has achieved the most challenging, yet the most imperative goal in teaching – she inspires children to want to learn. Larisa’s approach is unique and extremely effective; she is able to engage children fully, making learning enjoyable. Our six-year old daughter often requests to do “math” at home and is excited to attend her weekly lessons in the studio. Their program is well rounded, covering a wide range of topics including logic, geometry, and arithmetic. They work on advancing the children’s fine motor control, such as writing and tracing, as well as their ability to conceptualize and construct in multiple dimensions. Additionally, the materials they provide are varied and creative.

Larisa quickly establishes and maintains a terrific rapport with the children. She is playful where needed, yet focused throughout a lengthy one-hour lesson. She is extremely patient and is able to provide individual attention, while continuing to engage the entire group in an activity. Finally, Larisa’s attentiveness towards the parents contributes to an exceptionally positive and pleasurable overall learning experience for the children.”

– Marianna Kantor, mother of 6 year-old daughter