Drop off and pick up area
The building has a convenient off-street drop off and pick up area. To get there, please take a small driveway between 320 Washington street and 308 Washington street. The driveway is on the left side of our building.
To enter the building from this area, please enter a code 3535*.

Please do not leave your car in the drop off/pick up area – it will be towed.

Parking options:

  • Elks parking lot – entrance on Winship street.
    This parking lot is right behind the building. There is no direct passage to the building from the parking lot. You have to walk around the block.
    Please note: this parking lot is ONLY available on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday after 4:30pm. On Wednesday you can park there after 3pm. Please do not park here on weekends.
  • Market street public parking lot – municipal parking lot # 2
  • Police parking lot – entrance on Washington street. This is a public parking lot.
  • Two-hour street parking is available along Washington street and Academy Hill road.