Math Games workshops for kids ages 4-6

grade k2

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A game is an exciting and motivating activity for children. Learning through play captivates children’s attention like nothing else. Children can forget what they learn through mindless drilling exercises, but the concepts they learn through games stay with them for life. Our workshops foster children’s natural curiosity by providing an intellectually stimulating environment.

No more math anxiety
Providing an early exposure to mathematical thinking is crucial for a child’s development. Early exposure to mathematical thinking and problem solving helps children learn the school curriculum and easily attain the required skills. We believe that it’s equally important to have a positive experience while discovering math. Many children think of math as boring and dry, and they start developing math anxiety as early as first grade. We want to capture children’s interest now while they do not have any preconceptions about the subject. Educational games can make a lasting difference in a child’s later education.

Beyond paper & pencil
Our workshops include creative movement games, fun competitions and collaborations. We want our students to work together, as a team, and develop the social skills, while discovering math in action. Parents are encouraged to attend and participate.

Our goal is to get students so excited about math that they want to stay after class, and continue solving problems at home. 

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