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Math Kangaroo problem-solving workshopDue to high demand, the Studio of Engaging Math will repeat the session of the Math Kangaroo Workshop for kids from 2nd to 6th grades on Sundays starting February 21.

During the workshop, kids will learn how to analyze problems, master different methods, and use problem-solving strategies, practice writing timing tests, and know how to optimize time. That knowledge can be used in every math competition and not only there. Problem-solving is the most important skill which is used every day. Even if your child doesn’t participate in a competition this year, we believe that the knowledge, skills, and tricks your child gets during the workshop will be very helpful and beneficial.

The workshop will run online on Sundays (February 21, February 28, March 7th, and March 14th) with the following schedule:

2nd grade 10:00 am (60 min)
3-4 grade 10:00 am and 1:30 (75 min)
5-6 grade 11:30 am (90 min)
The cost of the workshop is $100.00 for 2nd grade, $120.00 for 3-4 grades, and $140.00 for 5-6 grades.

If your child is taking 7 grade and up and would like to participate in the workshop, please let us know, we may open a group per request.

To sign up your child for the Math Kangaroo Preparation workshop:

  • for our current students – log in to the Parent Portal
  • for kids outside the Studio – please fill out the Registration Form and then sign up for the workshop on the Parent Portal.If you have any questions, please contact the office via email