Math Olympiad Circle

Math Olympiad CircleMath Circle

We have created this circle to expose kids to the uniquely challenging world of math.

The program will ignite an advanced, unusual, non-standard, and creative approach to mathematical thinking.
Math Circle is designed to promote enthusiasm and positive attitude towards mathematics, and to stimulate interest in the deeper study of math.
We hope that this club will show students that mathematical competitions are just as intense and prestigious (if not more so), than athletic ones.
Our classes will be very interesting and engaging with a lot of brainstorming and team work, but they will also be very intellectually demanding.

Russian Math Olympiad "2x2"
Russian Math Olympiad “2×2”
Grades 2–5
Sunday, February 10, 10 a.m.

Dear parents of elementary school students!
We want to present your child with an amazing chance to participate in a well known Math Olympiad brought to us from Russia.
It is the oldest Math Olympiad for elementary school students that originated in The Math Department of the Moscow State University.
This Olympiad was developed for gifted and talented students who were seeking a challenge.
Unlike most regular math competitions, this one is NOT about speed, or accuracy, or knowledge of basic rules. It’s all about problem-solving skills and solving non-standard problems.
Problems will be provided in both English and Russian.
This competition is free of charge, but you need to register your child.

Please register here

All further information (in Russian) can be found at

Math Marathon
Math Marathon
Grades 3–6.
Sunday, March 3, 10 a.m.
Students will be solving different grade-appropriate challenging problems, while competing in teams against other teams.
The team can have 1, 2 or 3 kids from the same grade (grades 3-4 and grades 5-6).
If you don’t have a team, come anyway, we’ll team you up.
Win prizes! Gifts for everyone!

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Series 2. Advanced problem-solving and preparation for Math Olympiads.
Series 2. Advanced problem-solving and preparation for Math Olympiads.
(March – May)
March 10, 24. April 7, 28, May 12

In this series we plan to pay more attention to the preparation for various mathematical competitions (Math Kangaroo, AMC, Noetic, Continental Math League, etc.).
We will also be discussing advanced topics that are not included in the standard school curriculum.
We will focus on advanced, non-standard, and creative approach to problem-solving.Each of the classes in the series covers a new topic, but the whole series is built up to increase thinking abilities step by step.
Your child can attend individual classes. However, we strongly encourage that your child attends all classes in the series.

Grades 3-4 (90 min).
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Grades 5-6 (2 hours).
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