Math Olympiad Circle

Math Olympiad CircleMath Circle

All out Math Circle classes will be happening ONLINE for the first semester.

We invite the strongest students to participate. The program is open for everyone, not just our current students, provided that the student is interested in and capable of working with challenging problems.

About the program

We have created this circle to expose kids to the uniquely challenging world of math. The program will ignite an advanced, unusual, non-standard, and creative approach to mathematical thinking. Math Circle is designed to promote enthusiasm and positive attitude towards mathematics, and to stimulate interest in the deeper study of math. We hope that this will show students that mathematical competitions are just as intense and prestigious (if not more so), than athletic ones. Each of the classes in the series covers a new topic, but the whole series is built up to increase thinking abilities step by step. These classes will be very interesting and engaging with a lot of brainstorming and team work, but they will also be very intellectually demanding. They are intended for kids who are strong in math and looking for more challenging problems.

Math Circle

Classes will be offered for grades 4-5 and 6-7.

If you are interested, please fill out this brief questionnaire.

Studio of Engaging Math. Math Circle. Fall 2020.