Studio of Engaging Math is proud to present
the OWLympiad
– an online math olympiad for children in grades 1 through 12.

Why Owlympiad?
Unlike most math Olympiads, we don’t test for speed. Instead, we foster the students’ creativity and problem solving skills by providing a handful of challenging, interesting problems, and allowing students to solve them on their own time, over the course of a few days.

This process is valuable not only because it tests the student’s skills rather than their speed, but also because it resembles the way problems are solved in the real world. Students will get a chance to come up with creative solutions to the problems as they try to attack them from all sides. In this interesting, sometimes frustrating, but ultimately rewarding journey, we foster students’ love of learning and problem solving, along with their creative thinking and perseverance.

OWLympiad: due Sunday, May 14th (midnight)

Winners of February OWLympiad!

The Grand Prix – Yakir P. (grade 4).
1st place in 3-4 grades, 1st place in 5-6 grades and 3rd place in 7-8 grades!

Grades 1-2
1st place – Cameron E., Cooper DeM., Jameson Y.
2nd place – Samuel N., Benjamin Z., Abigail M., Adam P., Astrid Y.
Grades 3-4
1st place – Zach E., Stella O., Hanley E., Kiran B., Ravin B.
2nd place – Dima I., Andrey K., Eliana S., Corinna LaP.
3rd place – Mirta C., Michael Zh.
Grades 5-6
1st place – Alitza S., Omri Kh.
2nd place – Andrey K., Dylan Ok.
3rd place – Maxim Sh.
Grades 7-8
1st place – Paul Br.
3rd place – Lora O.