Summer Program starts on June 28

We did our best to set up a schedule that gives parents as much flexibility as possible.
Currently, parents can create a schedule that really works for them and will not ruin the summer plans.
The Studio offers a lot of different programs, online and in-person, for all ages, from Kindergarten to High school students.

In-Person Program:

  • Let’s Play Math for Kindergarten and rising 1st grade.

In-Person Half-day Camp:

  • Out of the Box Thinking for kids entering 2-5 grades.

Online programs:

  • Let’s Play Math, 1 grade
  • Out of the box Thinking, 2-5 grades
  • Math Competition Problem Solving Workshop, 4-7 grades
  • SAT prep, 8-11 grades
  • Geometry High School prep, 8-10 grades
  • Next year prep classes, 3-6 grades (for new students).

More Info

FREE trial classes for rising grade K students

The trial classes are specifically designed for you and you child to have an opportunity to try out our program


Our kindergarten program is a fun and playful program that introduces important abstract concepts to your youngest learners. Many children think of math as boring and dry, and they start developing math anxiety as early as first grade. We want to capture children’s interest now while they don’t have any preconceptions about the subject.

Learning through play captivates children’s attention like nothing else. We introduce kids to spatial reasoning, number sense, geometry, critical thinking through engaging activities and games.

We have been teaching online since last March. Here is what our parents say:

“We are impressed by how quickly and smoothly you brought the class to an online format. It is working very well.”“This is fantastic, thank you so much for the clear instructions and organization – especially given the total lack of anything from our regular schools!!”

“Thank you for all the work you’re doing!!! It’s really amazing. The zoom classes were very good this month. I am very grateful for your efforts.”

“I wanted to take a minute to thank you for what an amazing job the Studio and the teachers have done to get classes up and running in this new online format. I am so impressed by the level of communication from the administration, by the quick access to information, and the dedication to continuing to hold high quality instruction. This was no easy feat. The teachers are doing a wonderful job managing the online classes and it is clear that the students are continuing to learn in an otherwise challenging time.”

“I just want to drop you a note to let you know that among all the online classes my daughter attended, she had the most fun today. I know how challenging it must be to transfer an off-line class into an online one in such a short time. I appreciate the time and efforts you have spent!”


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