We are open today, February 7th!


Studio of Engaging Math is a K-8 after-school math program. Our small groups and expert teachers provide an ideal environment for developing critical thinking and advanced problem-solving skills.

Our program incorporates the best practices of the advanced math schools in the United States, Russia and Singapore. For more than a decade, our students have consistently posted top scores in international math competitions, on standardized tests and gained admission to the top colleges.


February Vacation STEM program:
– sign up here for a 4-day program during the February break!

Prepare for math Olympiads:
– join us at the Math Circle sessions.

Let’s PLAY math:
– our pre-K program is a fun introduction to math!


Our program helped hundreds of students to achieve measurable results.

Thank you to students who participated in PiMC. And congratulations to our Math Kangaroo and CML winners! We are proud of your achievements.

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“Before I went to the studio I was average at math and I didn’t have much interest in it.

The studio showed me how amazing math can be.”

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