Studio’s classes have moved ONLINE!

We are incredibly proud of our team, whose hard work and dedication made online classes a reality in a matter of days. We are grateful to our students, who have embraced the online teaching with joy and enthusiasm! We are thrilled that we can support our students’ math education during this very challenging time.

6 weeks: June 22 – July 31

Interesting and engaging program to prepare your child for next year when schools open in the Fall.
For grades K – 10.

Due to the recent health crisis, we moved our program to online classes. We are very excited that learning is continuing, and we invite you to join us for classes this summer.

We are using software which allows students and teachers to communicate online much as they would in a live classroom setting. Students can see their teacher and classmates during the lesson, write on the board, ask questions, and discuss problems. Please check the list of our programs and feel free to contact us if you have any questions and set up a free online placement test.

We include the core curriculum topics as well as go beyond. We firmly believe that there is more to math than counting! We include a variety of logic and unusual problems, as well as riddles and puzzles. In addition, we use a wide range of manipulatives, construction sets, geometrical games and mosaics to help our students intuitively understand and visualize mathematical concepts. Strategy and mathematical games are a perfect learning tool, and can make difficult concepts come to life. That’s why even seemingly dry/boring subject become exciting in our classroom!

Let’s play math!
Grade K. 2 classes per week (10 classes), 60 min.
Grade 1. 2 classes per week (10 classes), 75 min.

Out of the box thinking!
Grades 2 – 3. 1 class per week, 75 min.
Grades 4 – 5. 1 class per week, 90 min.

Math Booster
Next year preparation classes.

Grades 3 – 4. 2 classes per week, 75 min.
Grades 5 – 6. 2 classes per week, 90 min.

Math Circle
Grades 4 – 5, 6 – 7. 1 class per week, 90 min.

Algebra and Geometry review using SAT/ACT types problems
Grade 8. Studio’s students only. 1 class per week, 90 min.

Geometry (high school preparation)
Grades 9 – 10. 2 classes per week, 2 hours.

Coding and Algorithms with Python
Grades 6 – 8. 2 classes per week, 90 min.

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New Online Classes for Grades K-2 in May-June

In these uncertain times, with parents trying to do most for their children’s learning, we wanted to add something to your kid’s days at home. We are excited to announce that the Studio of Engaging Math is opening new groups for K-2 graders completely online. In our time of social distancing and isolation, we would like to offer a way for the kids to learn together.

We are offering a series of 8 classes in May-June with the option to continue throughout the summer.

Grade K – Monday 3:30, Wednesday 3:30
Grade 1 – Thursday 2:30
Grade 2 – Wednesday 1:30

If you have any questions please send us an email to


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