Math Kangaroo registration

About Math Kangaroo Competition
Math Kangaroo is a unique international competition in mathematics for students in grades 1 through 12. It is the only competition we know that allows elementary school students (starting 1st grade) to participate. It is also the only math competition that lets kids to participate individually, not as a team. 

The competition takes the form of a multiple choice test. Each participant is seen as a winner and receives recognition and gifts on the test day in March. Those who achieve the top results are awarded in May. The atmosphere of appreciation for the students’ learning and the fun in each competition room across USA are the reasons why participants return year after year and bring their siblings and friends along. Math Kangaroo helps the students both to develop their skills and to enjoy mathematics even more. You can find more about the history of this competition on their website. 

 The competition is on March 17, 2015.

How to register
You can register for the competition on the Math Kangaroo website:

The registration for Math Kangaroo Competition  is open until December 15.
This year, we are hosting the math kangaroo competition for our students only. We registered the studio as a private center. Please email us for the passphrase.
The competition will take place at 50 Sewall street, Brookline (same location as last year).
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