Math program

Over the past 20 years, Larisa Itina, studio’s director, has developed a unique program. Based on Russian and Singapore methodology, she adjusted the materials to be used in the United States. Studio’s curriculum covers a wide range of topics in arithmetic, geometry and logic.

We introduce students to areas of math that are not traditionally covered in schools. Our goal is to get students comfortable solving unusual problems that require lateral thinking.

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Math Program

SAT/ACT prep courses

SAT/ACT Prep Courses

Customizable Test Prep Courses.
Choose only the courses that you need.

In-depth review of selected topics, along with plenty of practice and study materials.

The small class size, individual attention, and the level of difficulty is adjusted to fit each student’s needs.

If you feel like you need additional tutoring, we offer one-on-one or small group tutoring (2-3 students) in addition to the course.

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Math Olympiad Circle

Expose your child to the uniquely challenging world of mathematics competitions!

Give your child a great opportunity to work in a group and learn advanced logical and mathematical reasoning skills as well as teamwork.

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Math Olympiad Circle

Pre-K math classes and math games workshops

Pre-K math classes and math games workshops

Many children think of math as boring and dry, and they start developing math anxiety as early as first grade. We want to capture children’s interest now while they do not have any preconceptions about the subject. Educational games can make a lasting difference in a child’s later education.

Hour-long workshops for kids ages 4-5
Math games workshops are an hour long class during which we introduce the most exciting and engaging educational toys and games.

Pre-K math classes
Our pre-k classes are a fun introduction to the world of math. During lessons, we focus on improving number sense, developing logical thinking, introducing kids to spatial reasoning.

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Chess classes

New England Chess school is offering chess classes at the Studio of Engaging Math.

Classes will focus on developing chess strategy & tactics, with the emphasis on tournament participation and team building. All levels are welcome from beginners to already serious tournament players. Group lessons are available on Fridays and Saturdays at the studio.

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Chess class