STEAM Summer Program

STEAM SUMMER  2018: sensors & circuits

Project based learning for kids ages 7-13

Our summer program focuses on collaborative and  multi-disciplinary projects. We want to expand kids’ creative limits and help them come up with innovative solutions. We introduce students to design thinking: from brainstorming and designing to prototyping and testing. We channel students’ curiosity and creativity into exploring new ideas, and making their concepts come to life. Our imaginative themes inspire students to dive into hands-on engineering, design, technology and art.

The 2018 themes introduce students to working with circuits and sensors. During the first session, students will be designing their own interactive toys. The second session will focus on building a model house. Both sessions will incorporate engineering and art classes that are geared towards helping students solve real-life problems. The sessions also include fun puzzle hunts, where students are introduced to the foundations of cryptography and math Olympiad problems.


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Regular hours are 9am to 4pm.
Early drop off is available at 8:30am and extended day is until 5:30pm.
– July 16th – July 20th: Interactive toys
– July 23rd – July 27th: Model house

Tuition and discounts
$490/session (regular hours are 9am – 4pm)
$30/session for drop off at 8:30am
$80/session for extended day until 5:30pm

$50/session – sibling discount
$20/session – early registration by February 15th

Session 1: Interactive toys
Using sensors and circuits, students will build their own interactive toys. From stuffed toys that can talk to jumping robots, students get to design and make their own dream toy.

We’ll have a variety of materials available for creative exploration: electronic dough, magnets, touch and light sensors, and plenty of arts&crafts supplies.

Session 2: Model House
Students will build a model home, complete with electric circuits, security system, design furniture and custom paintings.

In addition to the model house, this week includes a series of fun challenges that help students gain an understanding of structure stability. Students will also learn how to make isometric, 1-point and 2-point perspective drawings. We will discuss what goes into building a house – from architecture plans to electricity, heating and plumbing systems.   

Math puzzle hunts
Both sessions will include puzzle hunts. Puzzle hunt is similar to escape-the-room games – students search for hints and work together to solve puzzles.

Math hunts are fun adventures that foster a love of imaginative problem-solving! Along the way, students are introduced to Math Olympiad logic problems and classical cryptography.